March 24, 2021. The Clearing.

After 2 days in the snowcats and more than 2 feet of new snow in the upper terrain in the last 3 days, the sun came out today.

We skied 8 runs on the final day of the tour in the Lamoille Canyon Area and Thomas Canyon Area finding excellent snow conditions on north facing terrain.

16 new guests arrive tonight for the single day tomorrow, then another 16 arrive tomorrow evening for the three day weekend tour.

A weak system is expected tonight into tomorrow with light snow accumulations throughout the Ruby Mountain range.

Cold snow at the end of March. Ruby Magic.

March 21, 2021. Deep.

1-2 feet of new snow in the last 36 hours.

A winter weather advisory is in effect 8AM tomorrow- 8 AM Tuesday with an additional foot of new snow likely.

The Rubies are on.

16 guests arrived this afternoon and the stoke is high.

March 20, 2021. Out like a lion.

No down days.

More than a foot of new snow overnight and throughout the day.

8 runs in Conrad in our snowcat skiing terrain with some of the best conditions of the season.

More snow is expected Monday night/ Tuesday followed by another storm on Thursday.

March heading out like a lion.

March 18, 2021. Been waiting all my life.

Cody Benjamin opened the Come Line today in Seitz Canyon.

After snowboarding the run he looked back and said, ” I have been waiting 30 years for this.”

That sums up the day. 7 runs in Right Fork and Seitz Canyon, skiing the north finding cold snow in the third week of March.

A low pressure system and snow refresh is expected Friday night-Saturday Morning, setting up the final 3 weeks of the season with a whole lot of stoke.

March 17, 2021. Happy Birthday Ruby.

44 years ago today, Ruby opened for the first time.

St. Patrick’s Day, 1977.

Today, we skied 9 runs in the Lamoille Canyon Area with 4-6 inches of new snow from overnight and beautiful conditions.

Tonight, we are toasting to the dream and 44 years of memories.

Happy Birthday Ruby.

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March 15, 2021. Spring.

6 runs today in Talbot Creek.

Spring is here with longer days and warm temperatures.

Spring pow snow conditions today throughout ski terrain in lower Talbot.

A weak weather system is expected tonight with light snow expected through the overnight hours.


March 14, 2021. Extra vertical in Talbot Creek

Three runs of extra vertical today to close out the March 12-14 tour.

Shallow powder conditions on north facing aspects.

A weak weather system is expected to move into the area this evening bringing 2-4 inches of new snow.

16 guests arrive tonight for the midweek tour.

March 13, 2021. Eleven Runs.

11 runs in the high alpine.

“One of the best runs of my life.”- Heard by many today.

Soft snow, shallow powder conditions on north facing aspects, wind affected snow on East aspects.

A true Ruby tour beginning in Talbot Creek, skiing in Right Fork, Seitz Canyon and again finishing the day with two runs in Snell.

More of the same is expected tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Francy Royer, the Queen of the Rubies.

March 12, 2021. Cold Smoke.

7 Runs today in the Right Fork area of Lamoille Canyon.

8-12 inches of fluff on top of a supportable base.

Strong NE winds kept us in the same drainage for the majority of the ski day but that didn’t matter much.

Cold smoke throughout the day.

Ruby Magic.

March 11, 2021. Refresh.

8-12 inches of new snow throughout our terrain from a great closed low system last night.

6 runs in Conrad to begin the day in our cat terrain before the weather cleared.

We finished the day in lower Talbot Creek helicopter skiing 3 runs of very low density snow.

The Rubies are reset.

Tomorrow: clear and cold.