March 27, 2022. High risk, low reward.

Warm temperatures, cloud cover, moderate winds. For only the second time in the 2022 season, we did not ski today, some due to weather, some due to us finishing the run guarantee for the three day tour yesterday but mostly because there was a high risk and a low reward for the skiing today so […]

March 3, 2022. Cold on the norths, corn on the solars.

Seven runs today in Right Fork and Box Canyon. After three days of warm temperatures, we are still skiing cold shallow powder on north facing aspects with peel away corn snow on the solar aspects. An incredible day in the Ruby Mountains not seeing another single person throughout the range. We are expecting a strong […]

March 1, 2022. Southern Rubies for first day of March.

We headed south for only the second time of the season to Long and Segunda Canyon today. The warmest temperatures of the season today with highs in the high 30’s. It was a true spring day at Ruby, skiing 8 runs with springlike conditions. Spring will be short lived as a strong low pressure system […]

February 15, 2022. Woke up to white.

Don’t ever let someone tell you that a few inches doesn’t make a difference. We woke up to a beautiful storm this morning with several inches of new snow in the Conrad Creek and Talbot Creek areas. Seven runs today, five in the snowcats this morning before transitioning to the aircraft to finish the day. […]

February 10, 2022. Magic.

8 runs today on the Thursday single day. 5 runs in Cold Creek and 3 runs in Dry Fork. Stability is great so we are skiing places we haven’t skied for 10+ years. Cold, shallow powder still exists on north facing terrain with variable surfaces elsewhere. 16 new arrivals tonight for the weekend tour. Active […]

February 5, 2022. Take it to 11.

Ten runs yesterday, eleven runs today. Cold snow in Thomas, Box Canyon and Talbot Creek. High Pressure throughout the Western US, 21 runs in two days at Ruby. The skiing is good and we are just getting started.  

January 27, 2022. Right Fork gives it up.

Six runs in Lamoille Canyon and Right Fork today. Soft, cold, recrystallized snow in Right Fork providing the best snow of the day. 16 new guests arrive tonight for the weekend three day package beginning tomorrow. High pressure looks to remain in place for the next week with good flying conditions expected.  

January 21, 2022. Best of the year.

A surprise 8 inch overnight storm fully reset all of our terrain. 6 runs in the Lamoille Canyon Area. We heard the magic words many times today, “Best day of my life.” Clear, cold and calm for the next few days.

January 16, 2022. The beginning.

Our first guests of our 45th season arrived this evening. We finished our guide training week this afternoon and found recrystalized surface snow and good skiing in upper Talbot Creek. There is good skiing around in North facing terrain and good coverage above 9,500 feet. Great flying weather is expected for the first tour of […]

January 13, 2022. Buzz Round Here.

Much like the rest of the Western US, the Rubies have been under high pressure for second week of January and it looks to persist for at least the next week. The Ruby Mountains received more than a meter of snow with the strong low pressure December storm cycle which impacted the majority of the […]