Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Rev: 6/26/23


Terms and Conditions

1. Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing single and 3-day packages include professional guides, an avalanche pack, and use of transceivers. Powder skis and poles are included in three day tour packages, and are available for a $30.00 rental fee for the single day tour packages. Avalanche packs are available for a $50.00 rental fee for the Heli-Assist or High Yurt packages. Heli-Assist or High Yurt skiers must bring their own skis/poles or split board with touring bindings and skins.

1a. The three day tour package includes 3 nights lodging double occupancy, breakfast and lunch each day, dinner on the 2nd and 3rd nights, ski rental, Elko Airport Shuttle, guide service and a vertical guarantee of 15 runs. Skiers may ski up to 18 runs at no additional charge.

1b. The single day includes lodging on arrival night, breakfast and lunch, Elko Airport Shuttle, guide service, and a guarantee of 5 runs. Skiers may ski up to 6 runs at no additional charge.

2a. Our weekend package runs Friday, Saturday, Sunday, our midweek package runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. You will arrive prior to your first day of skiing. The packages end on Sunday and Wednesday.

2b. Single Day skiing is available only on ThursdaysYou will arrive on Wednesday evening.

3. A $1,500.00 deposit per person is required to reserve space for the 3 day package. A $325.00 deposit is required to reserve space for a single day package. A 50% deposit is required to reserve space for a Heli-Assist package or High Yurt package. This deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances, other than detailed in #5 below. This includes a drought situation, or if Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing should cancel you, and the situation of an injury related cancellation. We recommend Trip Insurance!

4. Balances are due 60 days prior to a ski tour reservation. RMH will email a formal balance request and invoice 90 days prior to the tour (30 days before the balance is due). If full payment is not received 60 days prior to the first day of your reservation, Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski reserves the right to release the seat.

5. If a cancellation is received before the reservation date, and the skier has an immediate replacement for the trip booked, all payments will be transferred to the replacement, subject to the rescheduling fee. If a skier does not have a replacement skier at the time of cancellation, all payments (deposit and balance) will be retained by Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing. If Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing is able to fill the seat with a full pay skier we will retain the deposit paid, and refund the balance payment only less a $250.00 rebooking charge for 3 day packages and $85 for 1 day packages, heli-assist packages, and high yurt packages. We reserve the right to fill the seat with a non full pay skier in which case there is no refund.

6. A $1,500.00 deposit is required for a position on our wait-list for the 3 day package, or a $325.00 deposit for the single day. We recommend this option if you have a specific date that you’re interested in and we are currently booked. This deposit will be transferred to a confirmed booking as it becomes available. Each wait-list individual who becomes confirmed will be notified by email, and the non-refundable deposit clause becomes effective immediately. Waitlisted skiers may claim their deposit at any time.

7. A per skier/boarder surcharge may be implemented for the 2024 season. Surcharges are necessary due to increases in fuel, transportation, food, utilities and other inflation. The surcharge amount for the 2023 season was $500.00 for the 3-day package, and $166.00 for the single day package, Heli-assist package, and High Yurt package. Surcharges will be added to the balance due 60 days prior to the tour if applicable.

8. Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing will take standby skiers on a space available basis at the rate of $999.00 per day, which includes breakfast, lunch, and 5 runs, with the option to ski up to 6 runs at no additional charge. There may also be a $166.00 per day surcharge added for the 2024 season. Skiers must arrive by 6:30 A.M. on the day you wish to ski. Standby skiers are subject to last minute cancellation of their seats due to lift changes, weight problems, or other conditions that warrant not flying or skiing. Payment is due in full at the time of booking. If a standby skier decides not to ski, RMH retains $500.00 and will refund or credit the remaining $665.00.

9. Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing accepts Mastercard, Visa Cards, and AMEX for deposits and balances, subject to a 4% administrative charge. ACH payments are subject to a 1.5% administrative charge. There is no charge for payments made via wire transfer or physical check. If a payment is made within 2 weeks of a tour date, it will only be accepted via credit card.

10. The current year skiers have the first opportunity to rebook their seats on the correlating tour date for the following season. They generally will have two weeks to rebook after their tour has ended and may only rebook for the # of seats they had on the current tour. After that time, seats will be released to our website for anyone to book.

11. Extra vertical skied will be charged at the rate of $600.00 per run per lift (i.e. over 18 runs/3 day tour, 6 runs/single day). This amount is divided by the number of skiers / boarders in the aircraft. RMH reserves the right to move guests to equal loads for the helicopter which may result in reducing the size of your group and increasing the cost of your lift. RMH reserves the right to terminate extra vertical skiing at any time.

12. Any skier making multiple reservations is responsible for seeing that everyone in his party receives, completes, and returns a Skier’s Information form within thirty days of receiving it. Ruby Mountain Helicopter skiing requires addresses and phone numbers of all persons enabling us to correspond with each person individually. It is possible you may be skiing with persons outside your group. Helicopter lifts are determined by the weight and number of skiers within each group, safety is the key determining factor.


14. If, on any day you elect not to ski or to return to base earlier than the rest of your group, you are free to do so when we can consolidate an entire ski group. The runs skied or made available that day will be deducted from your run total. This is in effect until the guarantee has been reached. If you are injured during your stay or choose not to ski, there will be no refund or compensation for unskied runs.

15. If you wish to fly out because of your ability, injury, airline flight scheduling or any other reason, and the helicopter flight out is unscheduled, you will be responsible for additional charges.

16. Refunds are given only if a person gets less than the guaranteed amount of flying due to inclement weather, avalanche hazard or breakdown of equipment. These refunds are based on the unskied runs of the individuals who have skied the most runs for the duration of their tour (runs made available). When we are unable to fly we have snowcat skiing. One cat run equals 1 helicopter run, with a minimum of 3 cat runs. If, at the end of 3 days, you have received less than 15 runs, you will receive a refund at the rate of $80 per run. If at the end of the single day you receive less than 5 runs, you will receive a refund of $80.00 per run. We do not refund guests who do not reach their run guarantee due to poor skiing ability, fitness or injury.

17. Additional ferrying fees may be applied when skiing remote areas.

18. In the event Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing should cancel you as the result of a drought situation your options are as follows:

a.         To reschedule with Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing at a later date, same year.

b.         To leave total amount with Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing, and not be subject to any increase in package price for the following year. A fuel surcharge may be applied.

c.         To leave your deposit with Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing for the following year, and receive a refund of your balance paid. You will be subject to additional price increase for the following year and must be rescheduled within that year.

d.         Refunds will be mailed to the holder of the space within 60 days following their trip or cancellation date.

19a. In the event Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing should cease operation and cancel a tour as the result of any sort of government mandate (i.e. virus outbreak), guests will have the option to either receive a full balance payment refund or roll the balance payment over to the following season. Deposits are non-refundable.

19b. In the event a skier should cancel their trip as the result of a virus outbreak or pandemic, but RMH has not ceased operation, RMH will retain 50% of all balance payments, and will credit the remaining 50% to a tour the following season IF the skier is able to provide documentation as to why they are high-risk (i.e. having traveled to a reported high risk country, has a compromised immune system, falls within a specified age range deemed as high risk, has a confirmed case of said virus or been in direct contact with an individual with a confirmed case). A certified medical document must be provided in order to receive the 50% credit.  RMH reserves the right to specify criteria for high-risk skiers on a case by case basis, based on official recommendations from the CDC, WHO, or other applicable organizations. If a skier cancels and is unable to provide necessary documentation for high-risk criteria, they will forfeit all payments. The 50% credit is applied only to skiers who provide the required documentation, and does not necessarily apply to the rest of the skiers in their group.

20a. On the rare occasion that the skiers are confined to skiing in the snowcat for the three days of a single day or 3-day tour, RMH will refund the amount of runs not skied at the refund rate of $80 per run, up to 15 runs, and will give each skier a $500 courtesy deposit toward another trip in the current year or following year, subject to availability. This deposit has no cash value and is not transferable. This offer only applies when no heli-skiing occurs.

20b. If on the single day ski package we are unable to fly in the helicopter, we will refund you $80 per run not skied, up to 5 runs and give each skier a $500 courtesy deposit toward another trip in the current year or following year, subject to availability. This deposit is not transferable and has no cash value. This offer only applies when no heli-skiing occurs.

20c. For a single day Standby package only: if the aircraft is unable to fly whatsoever during your day trip and no helicopter runs are made, RMH will reimburse the standby skier $250 as a credit toward a trip the same season or the following season. This credit has no cash value, is non-transferable, and must be used during the same year or following year.

20d. For a Heli Assisted package, if the aircraft is unable to fly, RMH will provide the option for skiers to access terrain via snowcat, in which the package price would remain the same, or RMH will rollover the package to another date of the skiers’ choosing in the same season or next. If the package rolls over to the following season, it will be subject to any applicable price increase or surcharge.

21. Prices and policies are subject to change at any time. A fuel surcharge may be applied.

After carefully reading this information, please call our year-round office with any further questions or to confirm a reservation, 775-753-6867, fax 775-429-2320, email info@helicopterskiing.com.

The Rubies are magic, and can offer you the greatest ski experience of your lifetime. We’re looking forward to another great ski season, and sharing the Ruby Mountains with you.

Thank you,

Joe, Francy and Mike Royer

Rev: 6/26/23