August 1, 2023. Summer.

We are in the middle of an incredible summer season at the lodge which began the third weekend of May.

The busiest summer in the history of Ruby 360 Lodge.

Weekend dinners are sold out nearly 2 weeks in advance.

We have a wonderful crew putting on the show each night of the service.

The Lamoille Valley is still very green for this time of year- due to the record snow fall and runoff moisture from the 2023 winter season.

The lodge continues to amaze guests as a one of a kind venue and service that is rare to find.

It is hard to believe it’s August, it seems like the final ski run of the 2023 season was yesterday.

In the middle of the current summer heat, our minds often wander to the cold, snow filled winter mornings which are not far away.

Year 47 is coming.