March 10, 2021. A beautiful morning to top it all off.

After 11 runs yesterday, we finished off the tour this morning with 4 runs in Talbot Creek.

Shallow powder skiing with cold temperatures.

A storm system is expected this evening until tomorrow morning with 4-6 inches of new snow expected.

A beautiful weekend is forecasted with a return to winter weather for the start of the week.

March 9, 2021. A little surprise.

Ruby Magic- we woke up to a dusting of new snow at the lodge and 4-7 inches of new snow throughout our ski terrain.

We skied 11 runs of soft cold snow in the high alpine today with cold temperatures and no wind.

Winter is back.

Additional snow is expected tomorrow night and Thursday.

March 7, 2021. Spring at Ruby.

9 runs today in the Lamoille Canyon Area.

Incredible corn skiing on the solar aspects of East and South facing.

We skied several runs today that had not yet been skied this season so far.

Between the solar aspects, we skied two north facing runs with cold soft snow.

It is truly spring at Ruby and an incredible experience to ski spring skiing warm snow on solars follows by cold snow on shaded aspects.

More to come tomorrow.

March 4, 2021. First you tease then you please.

7 Runs today in Talbot Creek finding cold snow on north facing aspects with shallow powder conditions.

Calm winds and a beautiful day is expected tomorrow to begin the March 5-7 three day tour.

Spring in the Rubies, not much else like it.

March 2, 2021. Lunch with a view.

9  runs today in the Seitz Canyon area with  excellent  shallow powder conditions throughout  the terrain.

18 runs combined the last 2 days.

We finished the day today with lunch in one of the most scenic places in the entire range: the top of Bable.

March 1, 2021. Welcome March.

We skied 9 runs in Cold Creek today with excellent powder skiing conditions.

Many of the guests said it was one of the best days of their lives.

Clear, cold and no wind throughout the day.

More of the same tomorrow is expected and we will be headed to the high alpine.

March is here and the party is on.

February 27, 2021. 9 Runs in Conrad.

Six to eight inches of new snow from last night on top of a supportable base.

9 runs today in Conrad Creek in the snowcats.

The snow continued throughout the day.

The forecast tomorrow: clear, cold and no wind.

See you in the morning Rubies.

February 25, 2021. Quite a day.

6 runs in the Lamoille Canyon and Seitz Canyon Area.

2-4 inches of new snow on a supportable base.

Ruby 360 Lodge capped off the day with a true Nevada sunset.

A low pressure system is expected to move into the area tomorrow and Saturday before clearing on Sunday.

February 23, 2021. The Southern Rubies.

Nevada blue sky, again.

8 runs in the southern Rubies with shallow powder skiing.

We skied several runs today for the first time of the 2021 season.

It is truly the middle of nowhere in Long and Segunda with not a soul around except those involved with Ruby.

The spot on the map in the middle of nowhere that has become a prize for so many who seek the remoteness coupled with the luxury and experience that Ruby offers.

44 years and a lot of memories.

February 22, 2021. “That, that was up there.”

9 Runs today in the high alpine of Lamoille and Seitz Canyon.

Boot top powder on North/ North east facing aspects.

Incredible skiing with fast, smooth, cold, no wind and blue sky.

Many guests today were calling it one of the best days of their ski lives.

And in the end, that’s all that really matters.

See you tomorrow Rubies.