January 31, 2023. farewell January.

10 Runs today of shallow powder skiing in Talbot Creek and the Lamoille Canyon Area. The first three weeks of season 46 have come and gone. Thank you January for the memories. We have said this before this season so we will say it again, one of the best January months we have ever had […]

January 30, 2023. aint no thing.

Nine runs today in Thorpe Creek under a true Nevada blue sky with not a cloud in sight. Some of the coldest temperatures of the season with highs struggling to climb out of the low to mid teens all day. Beautiful shallow powder skiing exists on all aspects and all elevations in our ski terrain. […]

January 29, 2023. refresh.

A low pressure system arrived during the overnight hours with snow down to the valley floor. 2-3 inches of new snow overnight at Ruby 360 Lodge with a refresh in the mountains. Cloud and snow kept us in the snowcat terrain to finish the tour this morning skiing extra vertical runs in Conrad. Today was […]

January 28, 2023. put some honey on it.

Ten runs today in Thomas, Talbot and Right Fork Canyons. More than an eleven foot snow base in Right Fork. We battled the clouds today with a brief clearing in the morning, followed by incoming low level clouds. Moving around a lot, seeing beautiful terrain, it was a special day for us all. A weak […]

January 27, 2023. windy.

30-40 miles per hour ridge-top winds prevented us from flying into terrain today. We flew guests from the lodge to an established landing in our cat skiing terrain below ridge line, transitioned to the snowcats and skied 6 runs in Conrad Creek before exiting via the aircraft. A rime crust is present on some North […]

January 26, 2023. wild clouds.

Six runs today on the single-day Thursday tour. We fought the clouds all day skiing 3 different canyons while low clouds breathed in and out of the mountains with the super moist airmass over the Great Basin. We skied in terrain we haven’t yet been in for the 2023 season this year in Thomas Canyon […]

January 24, 2023. Cold Creek.

What a day. Cold Creek for the first time this season. The terrain is unrecognizable from the past few years with how much snow the Rubies currently have. Nine runs today as the incredible January run continues. A weak low pressure system is expected tomorrow with increasing clouds and light snow. Clearing is expected for […]

January 23, 2023. my oh my.

Clear, cold and calm to begin day one of the midweek three day tour. Nine runs of beautiful skiing and we are toasting the day as the incredible January 2023 continues. Photo from today in Cold Creek. The weather trend continues tomorrow with similar conditions as today. A weak system is forecasted to move into […]

January 22, 2023. Surprise.

The best January we have ever had. 1 foot of new snow overnight in a surprise weather system bringing face shots whenever you wanted them.  4 feet of new snow in the last week in Conrad Creek at 9,000 feet and a more than 7 foot base in our snowcat terrain. We skied 3 extra […]

January 21, 2023. beautiful day.

Eleven runs today in Thorpe Creek. The storm from 48 hours ago has settled out from yesterday. The skiing is incredible from top to bottom. It is hard to recognize some of our terrain from the last several years with how much snow we currently have, the coverage looks very different. A weak weather system […]