February 28, 2021. One of those days.

Some of the best of the season today.

Clear, cold and calm with a foot of new snow from the weekend.

7 runs in the Lamoille Canyon Area.

Weather remains clear through the mid week.

Welcome March.

Fall is here. Winter is coming.

Summer 2020 has come and gone in Lamoille and Ruby 360 Lodge. The Lodge has been sold out each weekend with reservation only weekend dinner events. Our first summer of single day and three day packages was very successful, we hosted many of our winter guests during the summer months.

Fall is here with cool overnight and morning temperatures and warm days. The Rubies are beginning to pop with changing colors overtaking the aspen forests.

We completed our annual Ruby cutting week with tree trimming on the lower elevations of Snell Canyon.

We are looking forward to the snow flying and year 44 of Ruby.