April 15, 2024. dreamed it all ever since we were young.

47 years.

It seems like yesterday the first snow was falling for the 2023/2024 season.

A lot of work goes into each day, each tour, each season, I took a week after our season finished to process everything that went into the 47th year of Ruby.

People ask me a lot what is it like out there in the winter and it really is impossible to describe it to someone. You have to live it and feel it.

Run by run, day by day, the crew, the place, the people turned year 47 into one of the best years in the history of the operation.

Thankful to be here in this place. What an incredible season.

Ruby 360 Lodge will open for our Summer Season mid-may offering single-day and three-day packages, summer dinners on the weekends every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights, nightly lodging and yurt stays. We hope to host you this summer.

In January 2025, Ruby turns 48. We will see you then.

Thank you for the magic and the memories.