March 3, 2024. you don’t win them all unless you’re Tom Brady.

Three-day tour, three-days in the snowcats in Conrad Creek.

It doesn’t happen often when we don’t get in the aircraft whatsoever for three days but due to the strongest storm of the season we skied 24 runs in the Conrad Creek area since Friday Morning. A true luxury to have the snowcats and the cat terrain.

Heavy snow, strong winds and incredible skiing each day of the tour.

Feet of new snow has fallen in the last 72 hours with unsettled weather continuing for the next several days.

A new group of 16 guests arrive this evening of the mid-week three-day tour.

It appears there are several flyable windows during the next three days to get in the aircraft.

It will be a treat to see the mountains when the sun finally comes out.

Snow continues at the lodge tonight, the fourth day in a row with accumulating snow at the lodge elevation.

There are 6-10 foot snowbanks around the lodge lower level. Its is very reminiscent of the record year of 22-23′.

Sleep well. See you at 6 am.