March 2, 2024. as advertised.

There was a lot of hype with this storm system: strong winds, heavy snow and a prolonged event forecasted for nearly a week prior to the storms arrival.

It delivered as advertised.

16″ of new snow overnight, with continued snow through the day and ripping winds last night and through the day at both the lodge elevation and in Conrad Creek, where we skied 8 runs today of incredible storm powder skiing.

The storm isn’t finished yet, continued winter weather headlines dominate the forecast through tomorrow morning with additional snow accumulations likely with strong winds.

Everyone is hopeful for a potential clearing tomorrow to get into the aircraft.

Weather models are all over the place. Hard to know what it’s going to do. Only thing to do is what we always say- see you at 6am at the window.

Toasting the incredible storm tonight and the great crew we have here joining us.

Sleep well.