July 2, 2024. Hot Ruby Summer.

After a beautiful Spring Season, the summer heat is here in the Lamoille Valley with temperatures climbing into the mid to high 90’s next week.

There is still a lot of snow in the upper, north facing elevations. Lamoille Lake is still half frozen but not for long as the summer is settling in.

My parents have always told me that it takes 5 years to get something going to see if it will work.

We are in year 5 of the Ruby Summer and Ruby 360 Lodge is absolutely buzzing, on pace for the busiest summer ever at the lodge.

A wonderful crew puts on the show each weekend with a service, menu, atmosphere and venue that is unmatched for the area and beyond.

New this summer- we added a night of service, now offering dinner service for up to 40 people each Wednesday- Saturday Nights with nightly lodging available.

When we started the first summer season at Ruby in 2020, we offered dinner only 2 nights each week and capped the evening at 16 guests.

It’s a treat to see the lodge summer grow and develop.

The days are now getting shorter. Often during the summer heat or driving the old brown truck up the dusty Lamoille roads, I think of the ice cold winter early mornings and dream of the plastered white mountains & the rotor wash of an Astar.

Year 48 will be here soon.

Enjoy the summer, dream of the winter.