January 30, 2024. the old west.

The Ruby Mountains are in the middle of nowhere.

When we ski in the southern terrain in Long and Segunda Canyon with a remote staging area at a local ranch, it feels truly western, a flashback to the early days of Ruby.

We again chased the sun today, searching for a warming, softening snow surface in the midst of temperature affected snow throughout terrain.

We skied 10 runs today and 18 runs in the last two days, again with incredible flying conditions with no wind whatsoever through the day at 10,500+ feet.

It is rare to have a week of weather where it has been completely calm in the mountains.

Not for long- winter makes its welcomed return with cold temperatures, snow, and wind in the forecast.

Winter Storm Warning from 10AM Thursday until 4PM Friday with up to 20 inches of new snow above 6,500 feet.

Let it snow.