March 7, 2024. love to hear it.

Chased by the clouds all day, we were able to sneak in six runs in Thorpe, Conrad Creek and Talbot Creek.

The best skiing of the day was in the Dry Fork of Thorpe Creek and Talbot Creek where we were skiing boot top dry powder.

4-6 inches of new snow overnight with a surprise storm system that moved in quickly and exited by the time we finished morning orientation’s.

It was a successful day after the forecast looked bleak several days ago with lingering cloud cover.

New three-day package guests arrive tonight for the weekend tour.

The best weather we have seen in weeks seems to be lined up for the next few days with clearing skies, cold temperatures and calm winds.

Best thing I heard tonight was when the new crew arrived and they were settling into their rooms, “these digs are way better than Canada.”

Love to hear it.

Sleep well. See you in the morning.