March 21, 2024. variable.

Spring Season.

The corn cycle requires the melt/ freeze process. Melting during the day with the sun’s heat, freezing during the night with cold temperatures and perfectly timed skiing for a soft mid-day surface.

It is a delicate cycle that requires little wind, warm daytime temperatures and cold nighttime temperatures, when any of those don’t happen, the cycle is delayed and the snow surface becomes variable.

This morning, we had thick cloud cover until clearing around 10 am causing a delay in the snow surface warming.

We skied 7 runs in Dry Fork and Thorpe Creek with variable surface conditions: Some warm creamy surface, wind affected, temperature crust and pockets of soft cold snow.

Southwest winds increased through the day, also contributing to the variable surface snow conditions with less surface warming than expected.

Sixteen guests arrive this evening for the weekend three-day tour.

The weather will be a challenge with an incoming weak low pressure brining cloud cover, cold temperatures and light precipitation.

You never know, see you at the window.

Sleep well.