February 29, 2024. sneak attack, thank you February.

Strong winds were forecast to begin mid-morning today.

Typically, on the single-day and first-day of the three-day tour, we have a delayed start because of the safety orientations to get through.

We made a plan last night, got a jump on the orientations after dinner and were able to be on the mountain an hour and a half earlier than we usually are on the single-day.

We were able to sneak in 3 aircraft runs in Thorpe Creek and one in Conrad Creek before transitioning to the snow cats for the final 4 runs of the day, two of them being extra vertical.

Winds increased through the day with our remote weather station at 10k feet showing gusts in the 70-80 mph range during the afternoon hours after skiing had completed.

We are on the leading edge of a colossal storm system, with Winter Storm Warnings in place through Saturday with feet of snow likely in the Ruby Mountains.

Sixteen guests arrive this afternoon for the weekend three-day tour.

Thank you for the memories February 2024.

Let it snow.