February 21, 2023. big storm.

A strong low pressure system began moving into the area during the early morning hours bringing gusty winds and increasing clouds.

We spent the day in Conrad Creek in our snowcat terrain skiing nine runs.

Snow began falling in the late morning hours and continued throughout the second half of our ski day, with the skiing getting better each run.

By the time we exited the area, 4-5 inches of new snow had fallen.

And it continued through the evening with hours of plowing and shoveling to keep the lodge ready for the morning.

More than a foot of light density snow in 12 hours at the lodge elevation, one of the most powerful storms of the season, packing a punch with its arrival through the duration of the storm.

Tomorrow has potential to be one of the best days of the season.

Nice to see the refresh.

Sleep well. 6 o’clock knock.