February 18, 2024. on the sauce.

We heard Sunday is a day of rest, which typically isn’t the case at Ruby.

However, after 8 runs Friday, 10 runs yesterday and waking up to a blizzard with 30-40 mph winds and several inches of new snow at the lodge, all three-day guests departed this morning after completing the run guarantee on Saturday.

An incredible tour with some of the longest returning guests who visit each season all capped off by a record firework show.

A full reset of terrain occurred today with strong winds and new snow.

We also completed our first Ruby High Yurt trip of the season today. 3 days, 3 nights, a lot of vertical and an epic base at the 10k foot yurt site.

16 new guests are arriving and settling in for the mid-week three-day tour.

A mix of weather is expected for the next 3 days with model disagreement.

One thing we know, the skiing will be good.

See you in the morning.