December 27, 2021. A big storm, in a month full of them.

The best storm of the season today. Prefrontal winds rocked the Lodge and Lamoille for the last 36 hours with large drifts and every piece of snow removal equipment around being put to use.

After the front passed, a beautiful calm snowstorm throughout the day today.

Lamoille #3 snotel at 8,000 feet of elevation is showing 40 inches of snow. Fun Fact- last season the max depth shown by that censor was 42″….. in mid March.

A beautiful storm cycle for the last 2 weeks here with multiple storms setting us up well for our scheduled opening for our 45th season beginning  mid January.

The long range weather is showing weak high pressure to close out December and a return to an active storm pattern to begin 2022.

Let it snow, Happy New Year.