August 24, 2022. Summer Fever.

It has been a wonderful summer season at Ruby 360 Lodge.

We kicked off 2022 summer on Memorial Day Weekend and have been at it ever since.

Single and Three day packages, weekend dinners, overnights, boat time, the new RZR tour, hiking, wild thunderstorms, incredible food, it has been a summer full of memories.

One of the most beautiful times of the season is when the long summer heat begins to lose its grip and finally gives in the the fall season.

We aren’t there yet, however  it is coming. The upper elevations of the Rubies are beginning to show the first hints of color change, nighttime temperatures are dropping and the first ski magazines are set to hit the shelves in the next week.

We couldn’t be more excited for winter 2023 and our 46th season of Ruby.

Rumor is, a strong La Nina is coming. The last time this strong of a La Nina occurred was winter 10/11, where Ruby received historic annual snowfall.

See you soon. Enjoy the fall season.