The Crown Jewel of the Great Basin Region
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Ruby Mountains

The Ruby Mountain Range is a range 90 miles long and 10 to 12 miles wide, located east of Elko, Nevada. Featuring 10 peaks above 11,000 feet including 11,387-foot Ruby Dome, and more than two dozen alpine lakes, they offer endless outdoor opportunity, especially backcountry skiing and snowboarding.

Geologists estimate this ridge emerged about 20 million years ago when the earth's crust was folded and broken several times. Alpine glaciers during the Ice Age vigorously scoured the northern end of the Rubies. Lamoille Canyon, a U shaped canyon in the heart of the Rubies, is known as "Nevada's Yosemite" because of the anging valleys, towering peaks and year-round snowfields above it. Lake basins and crags mellow into a narrow, grassy ridge south of Furlong Lake running 20 miles to the Overland Lake Basin.

The "Rubies" got their name during the gold rush days in the 1800's. The U.S. Army came to Nevada to help early pioneers find routes to California. Soldiers began panning for gold in the range's streambeds. They found garnets, which they mistook for rubies. But it's no misnomer--with their alpine scenery, abundant wildlife and water, the Rubies are considered the crown jewel of the Great Basin Region.
We like to call them home.

Number of Runs in the Rubies

Number of Runs

More than 400 and counting! Every year (conditions dependent), we open a new line that hasn't been skied yet
Ruby Range Size

Range Size

The Rubies are 90 miles long and 10-12 miles wide!
Heli Drop Off

Highest Heli
Drop Off

When weather and snow conditions align we are able to land and ski/board off of the 11,387 foot Ruby dome, The Highest Peak in the Rubies.
Elevation Gain

Elevation Gain

The town of Lamoille is located at 5,900 feet. Most of our heli drops are located between 11,200 and 10,200 feet, while the pickups are generally around an elevation of 7,800- 8,000 feet.