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Guides have a huge impact on guests trips and it is our goal for our clients to leave saying “That was one of the best trips of my life.”

All of our guides are required to have a Level 3 Avalanche certification from either the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) or the American Avalanche Institute (AAI). The level 3 course is the highest avalanche qualification taught in the United States. All of our guides have extensive medical training, with a Wilderness First Responder, EMT, or Outdoor Emergency Care required to guide at Ruby. Client care and group management are also very important to Ruby Guides. We operate with a 4:1 guide to client ratio which allows for small groups and more attention to detail.

Joe Royer

Joe Royer

From: San Francisco, CA

Years with Ruby: 42

Why Ruby Mountain: I was working at Snowbird in the early 70's and would travel to Marin, CA in the off season. I-80 was a two lane road and always an adventure, a relief to make it to the next town. The Ruby Mountains were a stand out, and had to have some skiing. The exploring came in the mid 1970's and we are still exploring today. Seems like we are always learning something new. Some way to ski new terrain, or some way to make the experice better for our guests. The business continues to be a work in progress.

The greatest reward is being able to provide a backcountry experience to our clients and hear them say, "That's the best day of skiing in the my life!"

Off Season: Traveling with Francy and Mike, fishing, surfing and bike riding. Working on RMH and enjoying life in Lamoille, NV.

Fred Alldredge

Fred Alldredge

From: Salt Lake City, UT

Years with Ruby: 15

Why Ruby Mountain: Met Joe through Snowbird Ski Resort. I had been mountaineering up on Mt. Rainier in Washington and really hit it off with the crew here. Probably one of my favorite parts of being here is working with this crew, that and how quiet it is in these mountains.

Off-season: Rapid Response Helicopter Firefighter with the Bureau of Land Management.

Brian Jensen - Pilot

Brian Jensen

From: South Dakota

Years with Ruby: 11

Why Ruby Mountain: I had flown with Joe and the crew once before when they needed a pilot for a day, and after that everything just fell into place. Been here 9 years and look forward to coming back each year.

Off-season: I fly year-round- fighting fires around the western US, mostly in the southwest and northwest when I'm not at Ruby.

Jonathon Spitzer

Jonathon Spitzer

From: Bellingham, WA

Years with Ruby: 10

Why Ruby Mountain: I had heard a lot of positive things about the Ruby Mt. Heli Ski operation while working for another heli ski operation in Alaska. After visiting the range and getting to know the other guides, I was very excited to be a part of this world-class team. It's really fun to be able to be be a part of people's dream vacations in the mountains. I'm very fortunate to be here and it's been a great experience since the beginning.

Off-season: During the Spring and Summer seasons, I work as an IFMGA mountain guide in Alaska and Europe and in the Fall I take people rock climbing in the desert. This is my lifestyle and I love it. During my free time, I love to travel, climb and ski with my wife.

Hans Hjelde

Hans Hjelde

From: Snowville, UT

Years with Ruby: 9

Why Ruby Mountain: Back in 2000 I was standing on top of a peak in Northern Utah with a former guide Chuck Rose and he pointed West and started talking about the Ruby Mountains. I was then motivated to look up Joe and check out the Ruby Mountains for myself. After some great days ski touring and meeting the crew I was sold. Every year I come back, I feel inspired and lucky to share the experience with our guests.

Off Season: I spent over a decade immersed in endless winter patrolling and guiding in New Zealand and Utah, but now I spend alot of time riding single-track. I also enjoy kite surfing when I have free time, kid wrangling and having fun with the family.

Tim Duffy

Tim Duffy

From: Portland, ME

Years with Ruby: 7

Why Ruby Mountain: I was drawn in by the friendly and highly talented crew of guides and employees at Ruby. Of course then there's all the remote beauty and pluscious schussing too. The fun and friendly skiers keep me coming back for more.

Off-season: I run and operate an adventure tourism outfit based in Valdez, Alaska. When I'm not traveling, skiing, biking or surfing you can find me relaxing and hanging out with friends and family.

Mike Royer

Mike Royer

From: Lamoille, NV

Years with Ruby: Born into it

Why Ruby Mountain: This is home. The mountains, the staff, the guests, the food, the lodge, the snow, I have grown up in this business and love seeing returning guests and meeting first timers at Ruby each season. The business is built on the soul and passion of my two parents and I am glad to be apart of such a unique operation in such an incredible place.

Off-season: I finished school at Utah State in 2015 and spend my time in Lamoille year-round. I am looking forward to seeing Ruby grow while continuing the business that my parents have built. I also look forward to the up and coming summer and fall business at Ruby 360 Lodge as a wedding and event location and also a base for our off-season yurt hiking trips.

Caleb Merrill

Caleb Merrill

From: Brunswick, Maine

Years with Ruby: 5

Why Ruby Mountain: After ski patrolling at Solitude Mountain Resort in Utah for seven years, I wished to relocate to a more remote area. After meeting several Ruby guides over the years and hearing such great things about the company, I met Joe and felt lucky to be welcomed in. I am excited to work for such an established operation with top-notch guides and great guests.

Off-season: During the summer I travel around the west working on an Interagency Hotshot Crew as a wildland firefighter. This takes me to some of the country's most remote nooks and crannies in an adventurous and challenging job. While not working I enjoy traveling, mountain biking, and riding my motorcycle.

Rob McGillicuddy

Rob McGillicuddy

From: Lee Vining, CA

Years with Ruby: 4

Why Ruby Mountain: I have been on a quest for the best powder in the world while guiding adventure skiing in Utah, Alaska, Chile, and the Kashmir Himalaya. I started as a ski patroller working avalanche mitigation at Solitude in Utah. I have been going to Alaska to work in Haines and Valdez as a heli guide for many seasons. My commitment to high quality customer service and respect for the mountains along with the Great Basin powder, aligns my values with an operation that cares about them as much as I do. Ruby has been on my radar for what seems like a lifetime and I am very grateful to be invited to be part of this fantastic family operation.

Off Season: In the off season, I have guided cat skiing in Chile for a small family operation for years. Currently I am hiking, climbing, and guiding flyfishing in the Eastern Sierra of California and guiding trekking for Alpine Hikers in Switzerland. Adventure powder skiing and first class customer service is my passion and I am super stoked to be part of this operation.

Mike Poborsky

Mike Poborsky

From: Jackson, WY

Years with Ruby: 3

Why Ruby Mountain: The terrain, the guides and the Royer family. Over the years I have had multiple friends who have worked for Ruby and have spoke very highly of the operation. I finally had the chance to visit, explore a fraction of the vast amount of terrain, spend time with the other guides and observe first hand the commitment to a quality guest experience that defines the Royer family. I look forward to being a part of this team.

Off Season: I am a full-time year-round rock, alpine and ski guide and also work as a course instructor and examiner in all three disciplines for the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Kelly and our dogs.

Nate Emerson

Nate Emerson

From: Aspen, Colorado

Years with Ruby: 1

Why Ruby Mountain: For more than a decade, I’ve heard a buzz about Ruby Mt. Heli Ski. My backcountry skiing started in Nevada ranges, so I had a suspicion that Ruby could be special. My curiosity was satisfied when I visited. The terrain was incredible. The team was very professional in all regards and so energetic about the overall experience. It’s important for me to align with a place like this - where customer service is unified and genuine.

Off Season: I guide skiing, rock climbing, alpine climbing, and lead expeditions, mostly in the Elks, Tetons, Alaska Range, and Antarctica. I also teach skiing in Aspen Snowmass. I’ve been guiding since 2004 and instructing since 2006.